Statement by Former Congressman Renzi on Mueller Report


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Blake Gober

Statement by Former Congressman Renzi on Mueller Report

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Following the release of the Mueller Report, former Congressman Renzi (R-Arizona) released the following statement:

“The Trump witch hunt wasn’t the first time that the FBI and DOJ were involved in a clear abuse of power that was intended to inflict political damage,” Congressman Renzi said. “Until the government faces up to these facts and is held accountable, it won’t be the last time.”

Last week Kelly Kramer, partner of the law firm Mayer Brown, filed a formal complaint with the Inspector General and the Office of Professional Responsibility within the Department of Justice laying out proven facts, court citations, and court-imposed sanctions against the corrupt acts of Assistant United States Attorney Restaino and an FBI Special Agent during the political witch hunt against former Congressman Renzi. The formal complaint can be found here.


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Abuse of Power is an international nonprofit organization founded by former Congressman Renzi that is dedicated to exposing abuse of power and corrupt government officials who use the mechanisms of the state to promote injustice.

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