True American heroes are genuinely humble and resist taking credit as they labor for causes deemed by some to be hopeless and even dangerous. Some who pursue their passion for the moral rightness of their cause are subjected to a miscarriage of justice from their enemies and suffer greatly.

This is the case of former Congressman Rick Renzi, a Republican from the state of Arizona, who has paid a heavy toll from political enemies. The efforts to destroy him came from a corrupt Department of Justice and a deep state that, as we have seen from the Trump witch-hunts, will stop at nothing to eliminate those it sees as a threat to its elite ruling order.

Prior to Renzi serving in Congress, he was a successful insurance agent. He was, and still is, a passionate pro-life advocate who believes that the protection of all human life, born and unborn, is the foremost obligation of our Constitutional Republic. Based on that belief, in the late 1980s he set up the first pro-life insurance company insuring the work of thousands of pro-life pregnancy centers.

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