In the wake of George Floyd’s tragic death, we have witnessed the evolution of the outrage mob. Anyone with any kind of moral sense was horrified as they watched the video of a police officer pressing his knee into the neck of a handcuffed Floyd for over 8 minutes, as well as the cowardice of the other officers who stood by and did nothing, minute after minute, until it was too late. However, what we have witnessed over the passing weeks since then has nothing to do with George Floyd’s death or the pursuit of justice.

I believe the vast majority of people, when asked, would tell you that they absolutely believe that black lives matter, and that the meaning behind those three words is important and valued. Yet, when we dive deeper, we find that the BLM organization itself is filled with anti-American rhetoric and hate. Their own website’s mission statement declares, among other things, their intent to “disrupt” the nuclear family. They proudly endorse Planned Parenthood, the leading killer of black babies in the country, and two of their founders have been quoted as saying they are trained Marxists. Is it any wonder these protests have now been hijacked to promote rioting in our streets, the looting and destruction of businesses, attacks on government buildings, assaults and murders of police officers, and the killing of innocent citizens in many cities across the country?

Can we act surprised when groups led by these enraged Marxists, alongside other groups such as Antifa, have evolved into this outrage mob which continues to destroy and devour our cities and towns? No, and it will never be enough to satisfy their wrath and their desire to “tear down the systems” currently in place in America. Their fear tactics and ideology have spread across the country giving rise to the “cancel culture.”  Pancake syrup, rice, churches, historical statues, the Fourth of July, our National Anthem – all are now condemned as racist symbols, and if you, as an American, dare to voice an opinion that challenges the mob, they won’t engage in any kind of peaceful dialogue. They will go after you in the public forum of social media. They will tarnish your name, and go after your job, your family, and your livelihood.

Civil dialogue is impossible with emotional and political extremists. Instead, individuals are grouped, labeled, and condemned rather than judging individuals on the content of their character. The Constitutional right to free speech apparently no longer belongs to all United States citizens. The tyrannical leftist mob wants to destroy our art, our culture, our diversity, and the history that has shaped this nation. They seek to cancel it all and replace it with fear, a new “history,” and gain control over you, me, everyone, and everything.

George Floyd is an afterthought, his death used as bait, a forgotten decoy for the radical left mob to push its true agenda. Their message: believe and do as we say, or else. Not even God Himself forces mankind to believe in Him. 

Make no mistake. This mob is insidious. They are evil. And they are very real.

– – – Robert Renzi