Former Congressman Rick Renzi Details Prosecutorial Misconduct Committed by Jack Smith and Trump ‘Legal Hit Squad’

One week ago, Special Counsel Jack Smith announced a federal indictment against former President Donald Trump. While Merrick Garland and the Liberal Left has been effusive in their praise of Mr. Smith and his team, some very disturbing trends and developments have been coming to light.

Former Congressman Rick Renzi (AZ-01) has begun sharing his experience with Jack Smith’s legal team. Prosecutors under Jack Smith were sanctioned three different times by the court for their actions, the judge held two government misconduct hearings (both before and after the trial), and after showing the White House that there was clear prosecutorial misconduct in this case, he was given a full Presidential Pardon.

After hearing about the actions of Mr. Smith’s team in their political witch hunt against President Trump, it is obvious that Mr. Smith is using the same playbook of prosecutorial misconduct against the former President.

Following a series of articles by PJ Media (article 1article 2article 3), President Trump has responded on Truth Social.

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