Get Involved

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There are many ways to get involved in our efforts and join our mission.

Please fill out the Contact Us form so that we may know more about you and your interest in our organization. You can also get involved and make a difference by making a donation. Please visit our Donate Page for details.

When you Get Involved with Abuse of Power, you help provide the following services:

  • Information on government abuse of power and the individuals and agencies behind those abuses.
  • Beneficial alliances, coalitions of support, and other resources.
  • A megaphone and platform through which individuals and organizations can share their stories.
  • Amicus briefs filed on behalf of victims in legal cases where there is a clear abuse of power. 

 In the future, we hope to also provide:

    • Financial Support
    • Legal Referrals
    • Counseling Referrals