Our Work

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Abuse of Power (AOP) was founded in 2018 to expose abuse of power and corrupt government officials who use the mechanisms of the state to promote injustice, deny human rights, violate civil rights, and persecute political opponents. We provide beneficial alliances, coalitions of support, and other resources to victims of political targeting and abuses of power, including:

  • Information on government abuse of power and the individuals and agencies behind those abuses.
  • A megaphone and platform through which individuals and organizations can share their stories.
  • Amicus briefs filed on behalf of victims in legal cases where there is a clear abuse of power.
  • We join with and contribute to organizations that defend our religious liberties and constitutional rights, and we work to protect the unborn by contributing to pro-life organizations and providing information and advocacy through our website, social media, conferences, and other support channels.

Visit Get Involved to learn more about how to join us in our work.